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Working Holiday Visa

A blog by Yog-Sothoth, created about 1 week ago

The Working Holiday Visa Programm general information, requirements and how to apply.

Ramen Calling

A blog by flint, created about 1 week ago

It may have been triggered by a faint whiff of soy on the autumn breeze, or the salty residue sprayed along the corner of your lips as you meander along a sunset bathed beach. Or maybe it found you in the stark loneliness of an icy winter night, a slow burning fire in the depths of your stomach that can only be sated with the passion of a forbidden tryst.

You may have experienced it as the alluring call of a lover, the endearing lullaby of a mother, or the simple yearning of a homesick traveler. The divine taste, tempered by the finest artisans of the East, a calling that cannot be ignored. Have you experienced that irresistible calling for Ramen?