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Let's go on a journey and experience the wonders of flight

Posted by Yog-Sothoth about 3 weeks ago

While travelling with planes is already fun, security checks on airports are the cherry on top that makes the whole experience something really special.

Ramen Calling »

Choco Ramen Sundae?!! You're Crazy!!!

Posted by flint about 4 weeks ago

Chocolate Ramen Sundae?? Surely not. Just the thought of it is preposterous. Surely it will be disgusting ... or will it?

Ramen Calling »

Our Ramen Journey Begins!

Posted by flint about 1 month ago

Welcome fellow traveler, as we begin our journey together. Along the way we may learn a bit of Japanese, create some culinary delights, visit the local restaurants, and of course, eat bowl after bowl of delicious ramen.

Working Holiday Japan »

Working Holiday Visa Requirements

Posted by Yog-Sothoth about 1 month ago

What you need to apply for the working holiday visa and how to do it.