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Conjugations for 強かったら

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i adjective

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Conditional Present Indicative Form

English Meaning(s) for 強かったら

i adjective
  1. strong; potent; competent; domineering; tough
  2. strong; brawny; powerful; healthy; rugged
  3. good (at); skilled; knowledgeable
  4. being able to handle; know how to deal (with); durable (against); resistant (to); resilient (as 〜に強い)
  5. firm; rigid; solid
  6. intense; strong; fierce; high
  7. dependable; trustworthy
* Please note, you are viewing the Japanese readings in the conditional present indicative form, while the english meanings are based on the dictionary form.

Definition and Synonyms for 強かったら

Hard produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる, 硬い
Strong being distilled rather than fermented
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる
Strength the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation)
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強さ, 強度, 強弱
Strength physical energy or intensity
Synonyms: こわい, , , , , , 勢い, 強い, 強さ
Strength capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects
Synonyms: こわい, 効力, 効能, 強い, 強さ, 強度
Strength the property of being physically or mentally strong
Synonyms: こわい, , , , 強い, 強さ
Intense possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree
Synonyms: きつい, こわい, どぎつい, 強い, 強いる, 強烈, 激しい, 猛烈, 甚だしい
Bad very intense
Synonyms: こわい, ひどい, むごい, こっぴどい, ど偉い, 大変, 強い, 強いる
Strong not faint or feeble
Synonyms: きつい, こわい, おっきい, どぎつい, 強い, 強いる, 強勢, 激しい, 豪勢
Harsh disagreeable to the senses
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる
Stiff having a strong physiological or chemical effect
Synonyms: きつい, こわい, どぎつい, 剛力, 強い, 強いる, 強力, 強烈, 激しい, , 濃い, 濃厚
Powerful having great power or force or potency or effect
Synonyms: こわい, パワフル, 剛力, 力強い, 屈強, 強い, 強いる, 強力, 強勢, 強烈, 有力, 精強, 豪勢
Mighty having or showing great strength or force or intensity
Synonyms: こわい, 剛力, 強い, 強いる, 強力, 強大
Strong having or wielding force or authority
Synonyms: こわい, 剛力, 力強い, 強い, 強いる, 強力, 有力
Steadfast marked by firm determination or resolution
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる, 強固, 揺るぎ無い, 硬い
Strong of good quality and condition
Synonyms: こわい, 丈夫, 丈夫, 堅固, 強い, 強いる
Strong having strength or power greater than average or expected
Synonyms: こわい, 剛力, 力強い, 屈強, 強い, 強いる, 強力, 強度, 強烈, 精強
Robust strong enough to withstand or overcome intellectual challenges or adversity
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる
Stiff powerful
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる
Tolerant able to tolerate environmental conditions or physiological stress
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる, 耐性
Tough physically toughened
Synonyms: タフ, こわい, ごつい, ハード, 強い, 強いる, 強壮, 強硬, 強豪, 強靭, 手ごわい, 手強い, 硬い, 頑丈, 頑強
Unattackable immune to attack
Synonyms: こわい, しっかり, 堅固, 堅牢, 安全, 安泰, 強い, 強いる, 強固, 硬い, 頑丈, 頑強
Strongly in a powerful manner
Synonyms: こわい, むずと, ぐいっと, 強い
Strongly with strength or in a strong manner
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 激しい
Deeply to a great depth psychologically
Synonyms: ぐっと, ぐんと, こわい, しみじみ, ぞっこん, つくづく, ふつふつ, 強い, 深い, 深く
Strong having a high alcoholic content
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる
Steadfast not shakable
Synonyms: こわい, 強い, 強いる, 強固, 揺るぎ無い, 硬い
Unattackable incapable of being tampered with
Synonyms: こわい, しっかり, 堅固, 堅牢, 安全, 安泰, 強い, 強いる, 強固, 硬い, 頑丈, 頑強
Strong solidly built
Synonyms: こわい, 丈夫, 丈夫, 堅固, 強い, 強いる

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Categories 強かったら is a member of

Intensiveness high level or degree
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Property a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class
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Power possession of controlling influence
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Magnitude the property of relative size or extent (whether large or small)
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Conjugations for 強かったら

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