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Stroke Order Diagram for 生

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Stroke Count
5 Strokes
生 + 0 Strokes
English Meaning
  1. life, genuine, birth
Kun'yomi: い.きる、い.かす、い.ける、う.む、う.まれる、は.える、は.やす、お.う、なま、き、あい、あさ、あり、あらは.る、あ.る、あれ、い、いか、いき、いく、いけ、う、うぶ、うまい、うまは.る、うまる、うる、え、お、おい、おいし.く、おお、おき、おや、おや.す、おゆ、きつ、ぎゅう、くるみ、ごせ、さ、さん、すぎ、すすむ、せ、そ、そう、たか、ちる、なじ、な.す、なせ、なば、なり、なる、な.る、にう、にゅう、ぬく、のう、のり、ばい、はえ、はさま、ふ、ぶ、ふゆ、み、む、む.す、もう、や、ゆ、よ、よい、よど、りゅう、-う、う.まれ、なま-、うま.れる、うまれ。
On'yomi: しょう。(Go-on Reading)
セイ。(Kan-on Reading)
サン。(Tou-on Reading)

Japanese Meaning for 生

Dictionary Entries for 生

noun, prefix
  1. pure; undiluted; raw; crude

no adjective, noun
  1. raw; uncooked; fresh
  2. natural; as it is; unedited; unprocessed
  3. unprotected (sex)
  4. live (i.e. not recorded)
  5. inexperienced; unpolished; green; crude
  1. impudence; sauciness
  2. unpasteurized beer; draft beer; draught beer
no adjective
  1. blank (e.g. disk); unused
  1. just a little; somehow; vaguely; partially; somewhat; half-; semi- (before an adjective)
  2. insufficient; incomplete; half-baked; half-hearted; perfunctory
  1. cash
  2. tipsiness

na adjective, no adjective, noun
  1. innocent; naive; unsophisticated; inexperienced; green; wet behind the ears (esp. 初, 初心)
noun, used as a prefix
  1. birth- (産, 生)

  1. life; living
noun, noun, used as a suffix
  1. I; me; myself
noun, used as a suffix
  1. student

  1. vital; virile; lively

noun, noun, used as a suffix
  1. area of thick growth (of trees, grass, etc.)

  1. boiled and half-dried bonito

Stroke Order Diagrams for 生

Construction of Character for 生

Origin and construction of 生

Kanji related to 生

  • 便


Meanings in Other Languages for 生

  1. vie, naissance, authentique, cru
  1. vida, genuína, nascimento
  1. vida, nacimiento, vivir, existir, nacer, dar a luz, puro, crudo

Comments for 生

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so man kunyomis...what.........

#7 Posted by Gumigumi about 11 months ago

Shouldn't the Go-on reading しょう  be written in Katakana like this : ショウ ?

#6 Posted by Broula over 5 years ago

Thank you for the comments ! I wish there were more comments on each kanji ! It helps a lot when you just start to know where to focus on ! 



#5 Posted by LePetitSoleil over 7 years ago

wow I didn't know that! it is pretty interesting ^_^ thank you!

#4 Posted by Usagi over 9 years ago

Absolutely true. Learn a few important "kunyomi" first and as you encounter others you will pick them up. 

One small note (なま)is also the kanji character used for draft beer (unpasteurized) in Japan. It is on cans, bottles and bar taps. When you ask for beer you say "nama biiru wo kudasai", or simply "nama wo kudasai". I think this is an important kunyomi.

#3 Posted by over 9 years ago

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