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The beautiful color of the sky soon faded away.
Romaji Hide

Vocabulary list

pre-noun adjectival
  1. that; the (something or someone distant from the speaker, close to the listener; actions of the listener, or ideas expressed or understood by the listener)
  2. part (as in "part two") (preceding a number)
  1. um ...; er ...; uh ...
i adjective
  1. beautiful; pretty; lovely; sweet; pure (heart, friendship, etc.)
  1. sky; the air; the heavens
  2. weather
  3. far-off place; distant place
  4. state of mind; feeling (often as 〜空もない)
  5. (from) memory; (by) heart (usu. as 空で)
  6. falsehood; lie
noun, used as a prefix
  1. somehow; vaguely (before an adjective)
  2. fake (before a noun or a verb)
  1. indicates possessive (occasionally ん, orig. written 乃 or 之)
  2. nominalizes verbs and adjectives
  3. substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
  4. (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion (often ん)
  5. (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
  6. (at sentence-end, rising tone) indicates question
  1. colour; color; hue; tint; tinge; shade
  2. complexion; skin colour; skin color
  3. look (on one's face); expression
  4. appearance; air; feeling
  5. personality; character
  6. tone (of one's voice, etc.); tune; sound; ring
  7. love; lust; sensuality; love affair
  8. lover; paramour
  9. beauty; sexiness; physical appeal
  10. kind; type; variety (also written 種)
  1. topic marker particle (pronounced わ in modern Japanese)
  2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
  3. adds emphasis
adverb, noun
  1. immediately; at once; right away; directly
  2. soon; before long; shortly
  3. easily; readily; without difficulty
  4. right (near); nearby; just (handy)
na adjective
  1. honest; upright; frank; straightforward


godan verb, intransitive verb
  1. to become thin; to fade; to grow pale
Suffix after the te form of a verb

Plain Past Indicative Form

godan verb (iku/yuku), auxiliary verb
  1. to continue (after the -te form of a verb)

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