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Even the periodical pay raise could not keep abreast of higher living costs.
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Vocabulary list

pre-noun adjectival
  1. that (something or someone distant from the speaker, close to the listener; actions of the listener, or ideas expressed or understood by the listener); the
  2. um...; er...; uh...
na adjective
  1. periodic
  1. (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates emotion or emphasis
  2. (used with masu stem verb) command
  3. (used with dictionary form verb) prohibition
noun, suru verb
  1. wage increase
  1. also; too; words of similar weight
  2. about (emphasizing an upper limit); as much as; even
  3. more; further; other; again
  1. living expenses
  1. indicates possessive
  2. verb and adjective nominalizer (nominaliser)
  3. substituting for "ga" in subordinate phrases
  4. indicates a confident conclusion
  5. emotional emphasis (sentence end) (fem)
  6. indicates question (sentence end)
godan verb, intransitive verb
  1. to rise; to go up; to come up; to ascend; to be raised
  2. to enter (esp. from outdoors); to come in; to go in
  3. to enter (a school); to advance to the next grade
  4. to get out (of water); to come ashore
  5. to increase
  6. to improve; to make progress
  7. to be promoted; to advance
  8. to be made (of profit, etc.)
  9. to occur (esp. of a favourable result)
  10. to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.)
  11. to be finished; to be done; to be over
  12. (of rain) to stop; to lift
  13. to stop (working properly); to cut out; to give out; to die
  14. to win (in a card game, etc.)
  15. to be arrested
  16. to turn up (of evidence, etc.)
  17. to be deep fried
  18. to be spoken loudly
  19. to get stage fright
  20. to be offered (to the gods, etc.)
  21. to go; to visit
  22. to eat; to drink
  23. to be listed (as a candidate)
  24. to serve (in one's master's home)
  25. (in Kyoto) to go north
  26. (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
  1. although; when; and yet; despite this; in spite of; even though; but even so; but even then; however; nevertheless; for all that; notwithstanding that
  2. while
  3. if only; I wish
  4. I tell you; you should do
  5. in order to
godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to chase; to run after; to pursue
  2. to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend)
  3. to drive out; to oust; to expel
  4. to drive (i.e. a herd)
  5. (in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.)
godan verb (iku/yuku)
  1. to accompany; to follow

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