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I tried baking bread for the first time, but it's dry and not tasty.
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Vocabulary list

adverb, noun
  1. for the first time
  2. only after ... is it ...; only when ... do you ...
  1. bread; pastries (e.g. croissants); pastry-based products
  2. pan; frying pan
  3. panning (in a film)
  1. indicates direct object of action
  2. indicates subject of causative expression
  3. indicates an area traversed
  4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
  5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
  6. indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.
godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to bake; to grill
  2. to develop (photos)
  3. to suntan
  4. to burn (in flames, down, CD, DVD, etc.); to scorch
  5. to be jealous; to be envious
ichidan verb, transitive verb
  1. to see; to look; to watch; to view; to observe
  2. to look over; to look on; to assess; to examine; to judge
  3. to look after; to keep an eye on; to take care of
  4. to view (e.g. flowers, movie)
  5. (usu. after the -te form of a verb) to try
conjunction, particle
  1. but; however; although
expression, suffix
  1. things like ...; or something like that ... (often derogatory)
na adjective, suru verb, adverb, no adjective
  1. state of being dried out
  1. by (indicating means of action); as (a group, etc.)
  2. indicates patient of a causative expression
  3. (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) acts as a connective
  4. (after an adverb or a particle) adds emphasis
  5. and then
i adjective
  1. delicious; tasty; sweet

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