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She bled me of all my money.
Romaji Hide

Vocabulary list

  1. she; her
  1. girlfriend
  1. topic marker particle (pronounced わ in modern Japanese)
  2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
  3. adds emphasis
  1. I; me (slightly formal or feminine)
  1. from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity); since
  2. from (originator); by
  3. because; since (follows verbs, adjectives)
  4. out of (constituent, part)
  5. through (e.g. window, vestibule)
  6. after; since (following the te-form of a verb)
  7. expresses sympathy or warning
adverb, adverb taking the to particle
  1. all; completely; totally; entirely; thoroughly
  1. gold (Au); golden (color); gold (medal, cup)
no adjective, noun
  1. valuable; of highest value
  1. money; gold coin
  2. Friday
  3. metal (fourth of the five elements)
  4. Jin dynasty (China, 1115-1234); Chin dynasty; Jurchen dynasty
noun, noun, used as a suffix
  1. gold general
  1. testicles
suffix, counter
  1. karat; carat
  1. indicates direct object of action
  2. indicates subject of causative expression
  3. indicates an area traversed
  4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
  5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
  6. indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.

Plain Past Indicative Form

godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to exploit; to extort; to squeeze (someone)
  2. to squeeze (e.g. oil, juice); to wring out; to press out

masu stem

godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to wring (towel, rag); to squeeze (esp. 絞る)
  2. to squeeze (fruit to extract juice); to press; to extract; to milk; to express milk (esp. 搾る)
  3. to rack (one's brains); to strain (one's voice)
  4. to extort; to exploit
  5. to chew out; to reprimand severely; to rake over the coals; to give a sound scolding; to tell someone off; to scold; to rebuke (often passive voice)
  6. to drill into; to train
  7. to narrow down (one's focus); to whittle down
  8. to gather up (curtain, etc.); to tighten (drawstring)
  9. to stop down (lens)
  10. to turn down (e.g. radio)
  11. to bend (bow); to draw
  12. to hold down; to constrict; to immobilize

Plain Past Indicative Form

godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to take; to pick up; to grab; to catch
  2. to pass; to hand; to give
  3. to get; to obtain; to acquire; to win; to receive; to earn; to take (e.g. a vacation)
  4. to adopt (a method, proposal, etc.); to take (a measure, attitude, etc.); to choose
  5. to remove; to get rid of; to take off
  6. to take away; to steal; to rob
  7. to eat; to have (e.g. lunch); to take (e.g. vitamins)
  8. to pick (e.g. flowers); to gather; to extract (e.g. juice); to catch (e.g. fish)
  9. to take up (time, space); to occupy; to spare; to set aside
  10. to secure; to reserve; to save; to put aside; to keep
  11. to take (e.g. a joke); to interpret; to understand; to make out; to grasp
  12. to record; to take down
  13. to subscribe to (e.g. a newspaper); to take; to buy; to get
  14. to order; to have delivered
  15. to charge; to fine; to take (tax)
  16. to take (e.g. a wife); to take on (e.g. an apprentice); to adopt; to accept
  17. to compete (in sumo, cards, etc.); to play

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