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It’s reassuring to know that you always lead our team.
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Vocabulary list

adverb, noun
  1. always; usually; every time
  2. never (with neg. verb)
  1. indicates direct object of action
  2. indicates subject of causative expression
  3. indicates an area traversed
  4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
  5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
  6. indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.
godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to pull; to draw; to pull tight
  2. to string (lines); to run (cable); to stretch
  3. to pull towards oneself (e.g. someone's sleeve)
  4. to drag; to haulto tow
  5. to lead (e.g. one's followers)
  6. to take someone somewhere (e.g. a suspect to the police)
  7. to tempt into joining; to strongly invite to join
  8. to delay; to prolong
  9. to lengthen the pronunciation (of a word)
  10. to quote; to cite; to reference
  11. to pull the ball (i.e. pull hitting in baseball)
  12. to wear; to put on
  1. donor; one who does something for you
i adjective
  1. heartening; reassuring

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