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Gucci bags are too expensive to buy.
Romaji Hide

Vocabulary list

  1. indicates possessive
  2. verb and adjective nominalizer (nominaliser)
  3. substituting for "ga" in subordinate phrases
  4. indicates a confident conclusion
  5. emotional emphasis (sentence end) (fem)
  6. indicates question (sentence end)
expression, suffix
  1. things like ...; or something like that ... (often derogatory)
  1. High (abbreviation of "High School" following a school's name)
  2. high-
noun, noun, used as a suffix
  1. quantity; amount; volume; number; amount of money
ichidan verb, intransitive verb
  1. to pass through; to pass by; to go beyond
  2. to pass (i.e. of time); to elapse
  3. to have expired; to have ended; to be over
  4. to exceed; to surpass; to be above
  5. to be no more than ...
  6. (often used after adjective stems or the -masu stems of verbs) to be excessive; to be too much; to be too ...
godan verb, transitive verb
  1. to buy; to purchase
  2. to value; to have a high opinion
  3. to stir; to provoke

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