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Japanese Sentences with English Translations - "ない", Page 4

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Well, you'll find out that after you cross. If I give too much away right from the start it won't be so interesting.
Really - what's up? Where's your go-for-it attitude?
Paul has dry hair.
This is not to say that Mr. Tanaka did it all on his own.
By the way, this week - no matter what flags are set - it's a certainty that there will be no ecchi scenes. You'll just have to bear with it a while.
That's what they call 'prejudice'! It's wrong to make your mind up on something you've never experienced!
In fact, an artist lacking in confidence and fortitude would lose focus after 2 or 3 hours.
This isn't my blood. It's all splash-back from my opponent. There isn't a single scratch on me.
If you continue with the pointless arguments'll end up as a repeat of yesterday.
Hey, there's no time left till the deadline, you know? Stop hanging around in a daze!
So. Having had all that done to him it would be stranger if he wasn't enraged.
There's no need to tell on him and mess up their marriage.
'That' has only the two cases, nominative and objective, and it does not inflect depending on the case.
So I thought my date, er rather, offline-meeting was going to be just me and her but things aren't that easy.
"I'm not angry. Look, see this smiling face?" "That's what they call a forced smile!"
"Well he looks odd on the surface ... but he's even odder on the inside." "You're really not helping me there."
"I'm not sleeping. I'm always just skiving off." "That way's even worse!"
"I have to pee." "Jonny, that's not the right thing to say. Say, 'Excuse me. I need to go to the toilet.'"
All you do is string together a bunch of farfetched ideas. I can't understand a word of it.
Don't pussyfoot around the issue; do we have a problem, or don't we?

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