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Japanese Sentences with English Translations - 作る

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One can always find time.
I make lunch every day.
We made pancakes for breakfast.
Then, when you're making CG, how should you use light sources?
Suffixes, 1: "-ion" creates nouns that show the meaning of 'action, state, process, results,' and so on.
This carving knife ... it's one made by a famous swordsmith.
And so the method that works is treading down the snow to harden it, making blocks and piling them up.
About today's packed-lunch, the menus prepared by Itsuki and Tanaka are low in beta-carotene-rich vegetables again aren't they?
I'd like to set up a sign like, "This Way ->," but what would it be if I made it in English?
'-osity' is an abstract noun word ending created from the ending of an '-ous' adjective.
Please do your model building at home! The room's full of the smell of lacquer.
I had imagined that the newbies fresh from university would probably be stuck with all the backstage work - collecting reference material, getting copies and such but I couldn't have been proved more wrong.
It's only manners to tackle all out a game that they have gone all out in creating. Pressing the pause button is just rude!
I also brought some gruel I made. It just needs warming up.
Spirits are to be found all over the world. This school was built upon the site of a shrine and thus there is a particular tendency for them to gather.
I read about how to make tempura in a book.
Let's put together a pro-soccer team for Nagasaki!
Take a look at this beautiful embroidery made with great effort.
Artificial light is produced by means of electricity.
Artificial light is produced by electricity.

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