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Japanese Sentences with English Translations - 実際

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In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.
There's no way something like that would really happen, but it seemed just right to drive the point home.
Yes, truthfully, until it was right in front of me like this, I half-doubted it ...
In particular it is customary for actual examples of use of the harmonic mean generally cover "average speed," and explain no further than that.
Seen from a distance, he looks much younger than he really is.
You should combine theory with practice.
Theory and practice should go hand in hand.
Theory and practice do not necessarily go together.
Complete agreement between theory and practice is a rare case.
Theory and practice do not necessarily go together.
You say I should know him quite well, but as a matter of fact, I was introduced to him only last week.
They shot the film in an actual desert.
I thought she'd be useful, but as it is, we'd be better off without her.
She doesn't hate him. In fact, she loves him.
Her hair style makes her look younger than her age.
She seems shy, but has a strong will in practice.
She seems reserved, but she's actually a strong-willed person.
She seems timid, but she's actually a strong-willed person.
She said she was OK. In fact, she was terribly injured.
She looks young, but as a matter of fact she is older than you are.

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