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Japanese Sentences with English Translations - 歩

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A-hahaha, you really are bad at keeping secrets.
"Who do you belong to?" Wrapped around his feet was a small cat. It was a fluffy grey striped cat.
"...Hey...Hey, teacher!" "Eh? Oh." "Are you really OK? Shouldn't you cancel the lesson?"
Ha-ha ... She isn't human. She's a robot; A-n-d-r-o-i-d.
Ha-ha-ha, pray forgive me. Please don't worry yourself about that!
It's geared pretty much towards real fighting isn't it? Apart from the eyes, crotch, and attacks against fallen opponents just about anything goes ...
Just look! The potatoes are all rolling out! You're a real dullard aren't you?
Come on, get walking!
"Ah, this is my idiot son Takashi" "Eh-er, yes. (The late) Takashi, right?" "Fuusy, he isn't dead yet! Probably."
The dining hall is directly adjacent to the lobby, or rather, from where you are, it's just three steps away?
We sped into the narrow track, hardly dropping any speed. "It's a short cut!" "Oi! It's a footpath!!"
"You know a kid called Megumi Noda, right?" "Noda?" "Makes weird sounds like 'Hagya', 'Fugi'"
I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."
Mr. Naruhodo's law firm is "The World's Leading Energy Law Firm".
For example, vervet monkeys learn to use a certain call in the presence of circling eagles, who prey on the monkeys.
My sister asked me to teach her how to ski.
She asked him to carry her bag.
I quickened my steps to catch up with her.
They are crying to the government to find employment for them.
The manual they asked him to read was two inches thick.

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