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Japanese Sentences with English Translations - 鑄ました

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Are they all the same?
It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says "Yes" and "No".
It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.
Are you just going to stand there all day?
Frankly speaking, this 'on board' means "doesn't have a graphics card".
"Want to drop round my place?" "Can I?" "My parents come home late as they both work."
"Might be a bit stiff..." "Stiff?" "I mean the viscosity is too high."
He said with a perplexed expression, "I've heard nothing, so I can't say anything."
It bears fruit, but it seems it may even set root from cuttings?
I want to disappear somewhere! I tend to feel like that in sultry summers.
I feel lethargic when I diet, what should I do?
The down of chicks that have just hatched is damp, but after two hours it dries out and becomes fluffy.
Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted.
Is snoring less likely if you sleep on your side?
"I'm back." "Welcome home."
"Please move aside." "Ya wanna make something of it, sonny?"
"Welcome!" "Yo." "Oh, what, it's only Keita?"
"You with me?" "Yes"
"Please check again." "Certainly."
"Ah, y-yes ... Sorry, Coz." "Hey! You might be my relative but here I'm your senior and a doctor. Keep things straight while you're in the hospital!"

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