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By the way, I plan to do that for this story's sequel.
I was overjoyed when I was able to make friends with her!
But that's only natural because you don't know their ways yet.
That is because human beings are mammals.
"You'll get your clothes dirty." "No worries. They weren't very clean in the first place."
When I inquired "what is that?" I was told, "go and find out for yourself."
That was a nifty way of doing it.
"Isn't it about time you tried photographing people or something?" "Eh? Snapshots? I don't know ..."
What Alice, waiting for a reply, was faced with was a sudden howl. It was a resounding noise, sharp as to burst her ear drums, loud as to reach unto the heavens.
Well, you'll find out that after you cross. If I give too much away right from the start it won't be so interesting.
I'm afraid I can't do that. Leaving the cooker while frying is completely out of the question.
That's the fact that avalanches occur after mountain fires.
You only imagine you've heard it.
That is a large force with 5,000 soldiers.
That's what I want to say!
That's a misunderstanding for sure. You're giving me too much credit.
"I'm not angry. Look, see this smiling face?" "That's what they call a forced smile!"
"Does your back hurt?" "No, not really." "Oh, that's something then, isn't it?"
"I was just admiring your roses. They're absolutely gorgeous." "Oh, I'm flattered. Thank you."
"No, no! That isn't the smiling face we are looking for." It was a 'smirk' either that or a 'sneer'.

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