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If only you’d study, you could pass the exam.
I am too sleepy to concentrate on the class today.
I practice hard so that I can win a championship.
The book that the professor wrote is too difficult to understand.
How can you abandon such a cute puppy? (= You can’t!)
What the hell can I do?
No one can do what I do.
If I don’t eat breakfast, I can’t concentrate on my work.
Can I play games until dinner is ready?
When I drink herb tea, my body gets warm and I can relax.
The thin face of what was once a boy, was marked with tired wrinkles and thin recesses. But furthermore it was proof of always confronting the real society.
1 過去のある一時期を表す語。以前。昔。「―京都にいたころ」「―の名選手」
If you try, you can do it.
used when encouraging someone to do something
If you can't finish by today, tomorrow is fine too.
If you cannot defeat the final boss, you can't complete the game.
ラスボス = short word for ラスト・ボス (last boss = final boss)

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