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An asterix (*) character can be used to match 0 or more characters.

A period (.) character can be used to match exactly 1 character.

You can search using romaji, kana, or kanji (ie tanoshii, たのしい, and 楽しい can all be used).

Each search term will match all conjugations of the word (ie 楽しい will match both 楽しい and 楽しかった).

Placing quotation marks around your search term (ie "楽しかった") will match that conjugation only.

Multi-word searches

To search for multiple words in a sentence in any order, enter both words seperated by a space (ie 勉強 楽しい).

You can search for consecutive words by seperating each word with a plus sign (ie 楽しい+と or 楽しい++わかる).

By clicking on the Add Word Type link, you can search by the word type (adjective, adverb, particle, noun or verb) and the conjugation type.

Note that searching by word types must be part of a multi-word search, and you must include at least one dictionary word.