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Sofas like that don't come cheap.
Don't do anything like that again.
How I wish I could go, too!
I wish I were a bird.
Aha, you did it, didn't you?
Well, we've finished at last.
Well, I have to go now.
Well, OK. Continue.
Nowadays, that side parted hairstyle is rare.
"Honey, quick, quick. There's this website called Tatoeba that's auctioning its sentence collection for a cent each! They've even got special offers like buy 100 sentences and get 1 free!" "Ah great! now people collect sentences as a hobby?! What's the world coming to!"
Yup, it seems like even the doctor was about to throw the towel.
What a relief!
"Do you not like Tom?" "It's not that I don't like him, I just have trouble dealing with people like him."
"You dislike Tom, don't you?" "It's not that I dislike like him, it's just that I kind of have trouble dealing with people like him."
How embarrassing!
“Can I get a Sony iPhone?” I was asked and, I thought “ah, I guess he means Xperia” and so I showed it to him
But, for even grandma, to treat Mai so crudely, mightn't it also be that "spilling out" of emotion that can not be stopped? Because even grandma, is a person before being a witch.
① 取り扱いの丁寧でないさま。粗略。 「本を-に扱う」

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