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"Well then, to a witch is it like practicing dying from while you are living?" "It is. In order to live life fully, it means something like to practice dying."
Like his trail is clearly the impression of a white belt left on the trail of a slug, that person's trail, the plants rustle at its impurity and will not return to how they were. Perhaps until they are bleached with purity in the cold night's dew, then dried by the morning's stainless sunlight. Mai disgustingly thought.
But, the important thing, is not the fact that even if we investigate now it is impossible to recover, at this point, right now Mai's heart is becoming controlled by things like suspicion and hatred.
1 もっと早ければともかく、今となっては遅すぎる、という意を表す。今ごろになって。「今更何を言っているんだ」
つつある (復習)
① 動作・作用が継続して行われることを表す。現代語では「つつある」の形をとることが多い。 「目下調査し-あるいくつかの事件」 「あらたまの年の緒長く住まひ-いまししものを/万葉集 460」

1. 『いま』はなぜ平仮名なのでしょうか。筆者の意図を考えてみてください。
2. 『いま』と『現在』の違いをどう英訳で表したら分かりやすいでしょうか?
Mai felt like papa and grandma were momentarily holding their breath, looking this way checking her reaction.
② 相手の反応を気にして様子をみる。 「親の顔色を-・う」 「上役の鼻息を-・う」 「寝息を-・う」
It did not mean she had also forgotten her witch's training. Even now Mai is endeavouring to quietly do everything as much as possible until completion for the things she has decided to do.

3 二つ以上あるもののうちの一つをとりあげてさす語。「黒い方が好きだ」「もっと味を濃くした方がいい」「こちらの方が悪かった」
At that time the horrible things she said about Mr Genji, even now Mai thought it was that "spilling out" of emotion that she herself couldn't stop.

2 内部のものが、外部に出て行ってしまうこと。「人口の流出が著しい山村」「優秀な頭脳が海外へ流出する」
But, for even grandma, to treat Mai so crudely, mightn't it also be that "spilling out" of emotion that can not be stopped? Because even grandma, is a person before being a witch.
① 取り扱いの丁寧でないさま。粗略。 「本を-に扱う」
I admire wonderful married couples like my father and mother.
When Kokoro began being absent from school, she learnt that a weekday at 11am was that kind of time.
This sentence is a bit easier to understand after it is rearranged as follows:

こころは学校を休むようになって初めて、 平日午前中の十一時というのがこういう時間なんだということを知った。
The fact that maybe in reality Miss Toujou was told by the teachers to come meet me, and to listen to my story … I try not to think of the possibility that in spite of being told that, she didn't do it.
"But, quit doing things like in the fairy tale where the mother was called and cut open the stomach, and stuffed stones in it instead. I hope you take lots of care."
5 上の内容を受けて、いかにもそれらしく、の意を表す。「喜劇俳優宜しくおどけてみせる」
"Even still if you want to, feel free to. But, for that situation there is our point of view. The behaviour of the entrance opening when there is an unrelated person present, then from a security point of view, it shouldn't do that."
まね【真▽似】の意味 =
2 行動。ふるまい。「ばかな真似はよせ」

2 そうあってほしい。また、そうあるべきである。のぞましい。「柔軟な対応が―・い」「―・くない傾向」

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