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I don't know if he has any special powers or not, but he's probably stronger than a normal human.
Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.
By the by, this ability to will fire into existence is apparently called pyrokinesis.
MP (magic): Ability score needed to use magic. As you use magic it drops, but with time it recovers.
If your ability to accomplish a job does not exceed the peak (hump), on the difficulty scale for one job (project), then no matter how long you wait it will not be solved.
Does the applicant have suitable abilities to carry out the job?
There are abilities that improve rapidly and those that improve slowly, aren't there?
This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.
Talking is a human ability.
The point at issue is not her ability but her character.
It is not her ability, but her character that is at issue.
It's not his ability, but his character that is at issue.
Americans are said to regard the amount of money a man makes as a criterion of his ability.
Though it is true that every normal human being is able to use language, it is misleading to compare this with his ability to eat, sleep, or walk.
The average man fails not because he lacks ability, but because he lacks ability to concentrate.
She was in doubt about the ability of her husband.
She tends to underestimate her own ability.
She has no illusion about my ability.
She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.
She has a faculty for doing two things at once.

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