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When I left the train station, I saw a man.
I'm short-tempered, and a loose-tongued man.
The man I thought was the criminal didn't have any connection to the incident.
However men, seeking the contents of that safe, kidnap Hana. And those men were really detectives.
People are cool when they're gutsy, doesn't matter if they're men or women.
Is he the man painted by the newspapers as an up-and-coming scholar?
No baseball player has been as deified as this man.
Now that you mention it, I remember he was a dashing man. I wonder how he's doing?
Mum, a mere woman surrounded by men, works in a construction company as a site foreman.
The woman in a red dress ignored the black-clothed man and called a friend on her mobile.
The girl in the red dress ignored the man dressed in black and called a friend on her cellphone.
They contacted the station staff but the man had left the area and gone out through the ticket barrier.
Throwing knives were stuck deep into the men's necks.
"I might like to know about your relations with men." "Relations with men?" "Things like who you get on well with, who you've dated and such."
That's not what I meant. I'm not being sexist. Men and women are just different.
That's not what I mean. Sex discrimination, female discrimination, whatever, men and women are just different.
There aren't many blokes that nice!
Guys that handsome are few and far between.
You haven't fallen in love have you!? I won't have it! Having that man become my brother-in-law; I absolutely hate that!
Well, excuse me for being an ugly-ass brother.

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