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How to study abroad in Japan

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How to study abroad in Japan

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7 Jan, 2024
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Hi I'm new here and I want to know whether you guys can help me. I want to study in a Japanese highschool and if possible before April, I would like to go to Japan. Can anyone help me?

#Goja's little Satari-chan#

#1 Posted by Goja Satari about 2 months ago
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3 Jun, 2022
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You'd probably have to have an exchange program or move to Japan and transfer. I think there are schools that offer exchange programs.

Good luck (^^)


#2 Posted by たつ about 1 month ago
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6 Feb, 2024
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Your guidance counselor will have information about opportunities for study abroad available for your community. If you are looking for a short term high school exchange program, I visited Japan over 20 years ago via the New Perspectives program run by the Laurasian Institute, which I believe is still going. We visited Kyoto and Tokyo, then stayed with Japanese families and attended high school for a week.

If study abroad is a priority for you, make sure you apply to colleges that offer programs in Japan.

Finally, if you want to be paid to move to Japan, the JET program pays young people to teach English in Japan for 1 to 5 years (though only do this if teaching is appealing to you!)

#3 Posted by Chaz Hoosier about 1 month ago

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