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What song are you listening to?

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31 Oct, 2014
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I always found Change from Miwa to be 'easy' to sing along even though it is upbeat.

The vocabulary is easy. If you write it out twice a day and try to write from memory after a while, I think it's good practice: You can learn to write kanji, learn the conjugations, and learn how to use particles. All using active learning when trying to write from memory.

Change なびかない 流されないよ
今感じることに 素直でいたいの

Cheers (^ ^)/


#41 Posted by machigainai over 3 years ago
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30 Nov, 2017
Coquitlam BC
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I really like Hikaru Station's cover of Saezuri as I find it relatively easy to sing too, though it tends to hit some high ntes later on. It's a very beautiful song - 10/10 would reccomend XD

アヤ ヒナノ heart

#42 Posted by hina-chan over 3 years ago
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26 Aug, 2020
South Africa
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I listen to Goose House music and covers :) 



Aurea Granado Olivas

#43 Posted by AureaRea about 7 months ago
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23 Mar, 2021
Columbus Ohio
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Trying to learn 'Mata Kimi ni Aeru hi' on piano so I can sing along for school competition. Amszing song.

alana mogan

#44 Posted by alana mogan about 3 weeks ago
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26 Aug, 2020
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Recently, I have been listening to different genres of music. Just to widen my knowledge in the music industry. However, you will never go wrong with the classics such as The Beatles and Queens. there is no doubt that a lot of people still jam ot it. I also find the newest songs interesting but it is too edm-y ot me. Well, there are also great ones but it is kind of rare. You really do need to be keen looking for the genre of music you like. Also, J-pop and k-pop also have good ones. You might wanna check

Utagawa Aki

#45 Posted by UtagawaAki about 3 weeks ago
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5 Feb, 2021
Cherryton Academy
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I am listening to the theme song for the second season of Beastars.


#46 Posted by 蠍 Baxtan Sasovous Aeryth about 2 weeks ago

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