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helping users find ??

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helping users find ??

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26 Jan, 2013
Oklahoma, USA
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    I would like to suggest perhaps creating a facebook profile and a youtube channel that links to this site; so that people can more easily find and join us. The more people sharing, the more fun japanese can be to learn. :)                                                                                                                              




#1 Posted by Zoycite over 9 years ago
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21 Jul, 2012
Sydney, Australia
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Our facebook page is here - feel free to like it :)

It might be a while before we get a youtube channel though ...

Yeah, I'm hoping it won't be long till we get a lot of new members participating here in the forum, it'll be a lot more fun with an active forum.  Thanks for the support!



#2 Posted by flint over 9 years ago
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12 Feb, 2013
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Well, no one has volunteered to teach Japanese over at Ureddit yet. even though there is a Learn_japanese page on reddit. Perhaps a representative should golaugh.

#3 Posted by CuriousBee over 9 years ago

Only registered users may post in the forum. You can register your free 楽しい Japanese account here.