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Same questions every new game in Kanji test

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Same questions every new game in Kanji test

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2 Dec, 2015
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I am having trouble with the writing practice of Kanji test. Even though I pressed the 'New Questions' button in after the tests, it keeps giving me the same questions I had from the previous practice. I tried to do what I could like restarting my computer and logging in again but it did not work. It happens the same thing in my phone and I don't think this is a computer or an internet problem. Could you please help me fixing this? Thank you.

#1 Posted by jj0987 over 3 years ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

You need to answer the questions a certain number of times correctly before you start getting asked different questions.  So just play the games a few more times and you'll start getting new questions.

#2 Posted by flint over 3 years ago

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