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Comments for 零

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Comments for 零

Stroke Count
13 Strokes
English Meaning
  1. zero, spill, overflow, nothing, cipher
Kun'yomi: おちる、こぼ.す、こぼ.れる、ゼロ、ぜろ。
On'yomi: リョウ、レイ。
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14 Apr, 2017
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Beauty kanji :)

Yusuf abdul basith

#1 Posted by yusuf kun over 6 years ago
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25 Mar, 2023
Nebraska, USA
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Thank you for offering the stroke order for Zero!! Other sites showed the kanji for zero (and rei), but not the stroke order, which REALLY bothered me. This is my new favorite home for learning Japanese kanji. Also, your practice drills will save me WEEKS of programing, so thank you for that resource too! Ok, I'm going to stop thanking you for stroke orders now, before I wind up spamming this comment on every new discovery. Just know how greatful I am!


#2 Posted by science_won about 11 months ago
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23 Nov, 2023
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The stroke order for Zero is really appreciated. Things really got under my skin when I noticed that some sites only displayed the kanji for zero and rei, without the stroke order. So far, this has been the best place for me to study Japanese kanji. By the way, I just wanted to say thanks for the practice drills; they will save me a ton of time programming. Alright, I'm going to cut off my “thank you” for stroke orders now so I don’t make this comment about every new finding. I hope you understand how grateful I am!

#3 Posted by cormiercamilla about 3 months ago

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