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Kanji Dictionary Problems

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Kanji Dictionary Problems

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16 Apr, 2018
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Whenever I use this site's dictionary to search by kanji, whenever I click the link for more details it takes me to a completely different kanji. Is anyone else having this problem? Where can I go to find words or sentences containing the kanji I'm looking for?

#1 Posted by Hamfast Gamwich about 9 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

It looks like you are using an older web browser and it wasn't encoding the kanji correctly in the link.  I've made some changes which hopefully should fix the problem for you, but if you notice anything else, then let me know.

You can search for words containing kanji in the dictionary or a particular reading of a kanji using the following:

An asterix (*) character can be used to match 0 or more characters, ( eg. 楽* ).

A period (.) character can be used to match exactly 1 character, ( eg. .楽 ).

You can search using romaji, kana, or kanji, ( eg. tanoshii, たのしい, 楽しい ).

You can combine search terms using a space character, ( eg. 楽* tano*, .楽 *gaku, .楽 *raku ).


#2 Posted by flint about 9 months ago

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