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Comments for 也

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Comments for 也

Stroke Count
3 Strokes
English Meaning
  1. to be (classical)
Kun'yomi: なり、か、また、し。
On'yomi: ヤ、エ。
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9 Oct, 2018
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Looks like the “Kanji containing” section is missing 弛

#1 Posted by luciolucio about 6 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

The reason for that is that 弛 is not part of the Jouyou Kanji.  At the moment we only show the Jouyou Kanji in the related kanji section - if we did, there ends up being too many related Kanji for some cases.  Sorry for the confusion on that, I still need to think of a way to make it clearer how the display of that page works.  If you want to see related Non-Jouyou Kanji, you can click on the green title "Kanji containing 也", which will show everything.

#2 Posted by flint about 6 months ago

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