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Matching Japanese Words Suggestion

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Matching Japanese Words Suggestion

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2 Jan, 2019
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If possible, it'd be great to flash the furigana for the matching word. Often I'll be able to figure out the kanji by context or by process of elimination but not know how to say it.


In general, it might be nice to have a way to mark a question as "voluntarily failed", because I often will be able to figure out the correct answer without actually knowing it at all, and I'd like it if the scoring system didn't think I knew that question.



#1 Posted by homemadepasta about 5 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

Thanks!  They are both great suggestions.  We'll be doing another round of changes soon with a whole range of improvements to the practice games and other sections of the site via Kickstarter, I'll include these changes in that project.

Please post if you find anything else that you think will improve the experience.

#2 Posted by flint about 5 months ago

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