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Kanji reading game suggestion

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Kanji reading game suggestion

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21 Feb, 2014
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I have two suggestions:

I sometimes get frustrated that a wrong key stroke is immediately recognized as a mistake.
I don't know how others feel, but I would like to be able to type an answer, and then validate that input by pressing [enter] for example. Sometimes I know the right answer, but by a stupid mistake typed the wrong letter, this is immediately recognized as wrong, and the word (that I already know) will now keep popping up because the score dropped.

I feel like there are a lot of words with two possible answers, but a hint is not always given, and thus often unnecessary mistakes are made. For example: with 七 you have to answer either "nana" or "shichi". It used to be that a little hint appears, as like "n_ _ _". But these hints seem to not appear anymore. Again, stupid mistakes are made, and for the next 5 games 七 keeps appearing.


I don't know whether these are things you want/can solve. I'm just mentioning.
After about 5 years, I still adore this site!

#1 Posted by Lord Aide about 1 week ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

I'll look at making 1) optional in the next update.  I know for some me personally I prefer it checking what I type immediately but I can see why some people would prefer it checking at the end after they press the [enter] key.

For 2) I'll check this.  It should be showing the hints, but maybe I missed something in the last update.  Thanks for picking this up and letting me know.  There is quite a large number of options in the games now, so it does get harder testing everything now before each change.

#2 Posted by flint on Tuesday

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