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"We'll see...."

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"We'll see...."

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19 Jan, 2018
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Santa Fe

In English, when somone either asks a question, makes a proposal or a suggestion, one may make a noncommital response using the phrase:  "We'll see..."  This phrase has very direct translations in Spanish and French, but I can't figure out how to say something with a similar meaning in Japanese.  Any thoughts?



#1 Posted by RJMang about 12 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Sydney, Australia

Hmm, the few phrases I can think you could use are.

そうですね - this is like a soft agreement to what the person is saying.

そうですが - what you are saying is true, but ....

そうかもしれない - you use this when you are expressing doubt on what was said.  It might be true.


#2 Posted by flint about 12 months ago

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