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Akeru Sentence Construction

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Akeru Sentence Construction

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25 Jun, 2020
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1.わたし は まど を 開ければ さむく なります

my meaning: If I open the window it will become cold


2.まいにち かいしゃ で まど を 閉めたり、エアコン を 開けたり して います

meaning: Every day at the office I closed it window and open the ac


3.あなた は こめびつ を 開けたら、わたし が 食べられる

meaning: If you should open the rice container I will be able to eat

Is this correct ?

#1 Posted by Ibi18 about 1 month ago
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13 Aug, 2020
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United States

Just a beginner myself, but regarding the AC-window question, I don't think you need to add the formal ending to the sentence. Also, I'm thinking you could use the て ending. I might say, 毎日は会社で窓を閉めてイアコンをつけて。Someone with more knowledge might be able to contribute more on this thought.

As I'm not great with conditionals, yet, I'll defer on the other two questions!

- Michael


#2 Posted by Michael H today at 5:50 AM

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