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In the Easy Peasy Japanesey "I Put A Spell On It So It'll Give Back Your Stregnth" lesson page, Haku's quote was put under "ように (so that) vs ために (in order to)" instead of under "Haku's Quote".  Also, one of the sentences under "ように (so that) vs ために (in order to)" was mistakenly duplicated and put under "Haku's Quote".

It would be easier to show, rather than to explain, but as I can't attach a screenshot, I'll copy and paste instead.  I hope this helps!

Haku’s Quote


I will save money so that I can buy a car.


ように (so that) vs ために (in order to)


I put a spell on it so it’ll give back your strength.



I will save money in order to buy a car.



#1 Posted by Koukina about 6 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
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Thanks for picking that up, and reporting it.  It's been fixed now!

#2 Posted by flint about 5 months ago

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