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Can you recommend Japanese music that you’re currently listening to?, Page 2

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Can you recommend Japanese music that you’re currently listening to?

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27 Apr, 2021
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There is a lot of reallly good Japanese music, if you go into spotify or apple music you can search Japanese playlists and listen to them and find songs you like from them. I did that and it really helped me find good Japanese music that I listen to now! (●´ω`●)

#11 Posted by kat ((((: about 7 months ago
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28 May, 2021
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(Wow. I'm quite late to this)

Ah, I like the older music, but my favorites have to be "Sasurai" and other songs by Hako Yamasaki. If you want to find more classic stuff I'd totally recommend checking out the Youtube channel 'Xerf Xpec' who uploads Japanese albums including J/CityPop, Rock, Movie soundtracks etc. Once you get down the rabbit hole of Japanese music on youtube, you'll be sure to be recommended more of what you're particularly interested in :)

Good Luck!


#12 Posted by francois444 about 7 months ago
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2 Oct, 2021
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I really like aimer and yorushika at the moment and Kenshi Yonezo too

#13 Posted by blahblahman_93 about 3 months ago

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