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Problem with Kanji practice from personal list?

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Problem with Kanji practice from personal list?

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22 Oct, 2020
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There seems to be a problem with the Kanji practice of Matching Furigana and possibly the others when trying to practice from my personal list of Kanji and Vocabulary.

First I started a Vocabulary list, then today began adding to the Kanji list but that seems to have confused the practice section.

I think it only allows questions from words that are both overlap between the Kanji and Vocab lists now. So the only word I get is "Eigo", but have plenty more Vocabulary and Kanji on my lists. "Eigo" is the only one that seems to overlap between the two lists.

Is there any way to fix this on my end other than adding all the Kanji characters from my Vocab list onto my Kanji list as well?


This is a beautiful website by the way! The dictionary is probably the best I've found on the net.



#1 Posted by altitudes about 1 month ago

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