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Comments for "Top 10 Anime for Learning Japanese"

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Comments for "Top 10 Anime for Learning Japanese"

It is not easy to select the best anime “for you” to learn Japanese. If you want to give priority only to learning Japanese, you can choose cartoons for children. However, they are too short and not very motivating. The important thing is to select anime that is suitable for learning Japanese and is “interesting.” Learning is difficult to continue without stimulating your intellectual curiosity and providing you with the fun of acquiring knowledge.

Here are the top 10 anime you can use to learn Japanese...

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15 Jun, 2020
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Awesome list!!!  I'll have to check some of those out.Polar Bear Cafe (しろくまカフェ) has taught me a lot.I've learned a lot of animal names and random words because they get repeated often.  I also love Shirokuma's puns!


#1 Posted by Koukina about 9 months ago
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11 Feb, 2021
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Thank you very much! heart

P.S. Do you know any website to watch anime in japanese with japanese subs?


#2 Posted by moonlau about 7 months ago
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10 Aug, 2020
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I enjoy anime with play on words like puns and stuff. If you like video games since 2003 then you may enjoy the early installments of Hyperdimension Neptunia. It has puns and references in both English and Japanese.

#3 Posted by Marlon Johansson about 7 months ago
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11 Sep, 2021
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Sweetness and Lightning: This anime made me cry for the dad at the beginning. Must be tough being a single parent and realizing that you haven't been feeding your kid decent food. Nowadays I am playing the best anime video games and I like them the most.


Xfire lover

#4 Posted by John Adam about 2 weeks ago

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