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What have you been doing ever since the pandemic?

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What have you been doing ever since the pandemic?

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10 Aug, 2020
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I've been playing alot of video games lately, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of horse racing title or mini game in modern games. The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption doesn't capture true horse racing. The best option we have today is Uma Musume. Anyways how did you spend you spend the pandemic and what game are you playing for the last few months or even year? hahaha let me know. 

#1 Posted by Marlon Johansson about 2 weeks ago
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26 Aug, 2020
South Africa
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Videos games as per usual because there are a lot of problems outside. I've been getting a lot of time playing with some RPGs that I have missed playing or did not put the time into in the past. Take for example the Trails series because I loved the series in the past, but I found a whole new inspiration for the meantime as there were many parts of the series that became the norm for me. I hope that there are people who are having trouble with the pandemic are doing well in their homes and healthy. In the meantime, apart from playing the video games, you can also try investing on some things like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and even ether if you are feeling it.

Aurea Granado Olivas

#2 Posted by AureaRea about 1 week ago

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