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japanese in chatrooms

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japanese in chatrooms

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23 Apr, 2013
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hello everyone (sorry about my poor English. English is not my first language)

I've been studying japanese for a long time but my japanese is still poor. it's hard to study it without a teacher. 

does anyone here like to chat with the japanese online? i have an account on ameba pigg and I enjoy reading the conversations. I don't participate in the conversations because my japanese is very poor. I speak only when someone starts speaking to me. 


anyway, i noticed that the japanese have some funny words in chatrooms haha. the reason why i joined ameba pigg is to learn the language, but the chatting language is a bit hard to understand 


i heard one say ”おかか” that is supposed to be お帰り

I also heard someone say ただいも (=ただいま)haha! 

おはぁ = おはよう


there is also 同じく. I could guess it meant "me too" or something like that but i was surprised when i saw it because 同じ is not an i-adjective 





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