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Japan a must visit

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Japan a must visit

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10 Aug, 2020
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You should all really go to Japan. I love my country so much and I think that it is really amazing for people to see the real beauty of our country. I know lots of people love it and I am not surprised to know that there are actually countless people who love my country. i am so proud to be Japanese and I love it here. If people are going to Japan, I suggest that you don't forget to eat ramen and sushi. if you also use cryptocurrencies then this country is perfect for you. Japan is in the top teirs.

#1 Posted by Marlon Johansson about 1 month ago
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26 Aug, 2020
South Africa
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I've heard that Japan is one of the biggest adopter of crypto. I'm wondering if there are cities where all stores accept Bitcoin? I was hoping to rely less on conversion services because they can be expensive. Using Bitcoin would be nice.

Aurea Granado Olivas

#2 Posted by AureaRea about 2 weeks ago

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