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Japanese Documentaries Suggestion Please

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Japanese Documentaries Suggestion Please

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15 Feb, 2022
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I'm looking for some documentaires to watch that is easy to follow. Something slow and clear so a beginner like me won't be overwhelemd. I'm interested in animals and food, though any other easy topic where I can follow along and it has easy vocab. I like other things but I figure topics like food and animals have easier vocabaly and I won't get as lost. Thanks for yourr help.

#1 Posted by Duchess over 2 years ago
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21 Jul, 2012
Sydney, Australia
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Hard to think of anything that is really at a level for beginners, but you could try I LOVE みんな・の・どうぶつえん (I LOVE the zoo for everyone).  They have a channel on youtube. Its aimed at Japanese viewers, so the pace is pretty fast and you probably won't understand most of what is being said, but like with most Japanese TV productions, they have usually have subtitles text and you may be able to pick up words and get more used to the pace of the language.

I LOVE みんなのどうぶつ園チャンネル

For beginners, Japanese learner videos are usually the most useful videos to learn from until you get your level up a bit. Some recommendations are below:

Let's Learn Japanese

NHK World Easy Japanese Lessons

Erin's Challenge

#2 Posted by flint over 2 years ago

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