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The word sateto is not there?

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The word sateto is not there?

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8 Jul, 2022
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I can't find that word ʕ⁠´⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠`⁠ʔ

#1 Posted by Ittlorena over 1 year ago
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3 Jan, 2024
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This word is さてと

#2 Posted by robertheisler about 6 months ago
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21 Jul, 2012
Sydney, Australia
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さてと is comprised of

()() - well, now, then


()- a connective particle between two actions,

Put together it means something like, "well, then", or "moving on".  You use it when you want to finish one action and then start another.



well then, let's go home

#3 Posted by flint about 6 months ago

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