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It’s not urgent so later is fine.
At times you don’t like it, it’s okay to run away!
At times you are sad, it’s okay to cry.
If your job is so tough, it’s okay to quit.
You can do whatever you want. Because you live only once.
Tomorrow is my day-off so it’s okay to drink alcohol tonight, right?
Can I play games until dinner is ready?
This hotel provides good service and the food is also good, so I stay here often.
My grandma is super healthy. She eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and laughs a lot.
Luffy eats well and sleeps well, he is full of energy.
"Originally you have a habit of believing that it's natural for people to be interested in the things you are interested in, it's great that this time you cleared up that misunderstanding."
はず [0] 【筈▼・弭▼】
④ (矢の筈は,弓の弦と当然合致するということから)連体修飾語を受けて,形式名詞的に用いられる。
㋐ 当然そうなることの意を表す。 「これで電気がつく-だ」 「この地図を見ればわかる-だ」
"Even still if you want to, feel free to. But, for that situation there is our point of view. The behaviour of the entrance opening when there is an unrelated person present, then from a security point of view, it shouldn't do that."
まね【真▽似】の意味 =
2 行動。ふるまい。「ばかな真似はよせ」

2 そうあってほしい。また、そうあるべきである。のぞましい。「柔軟な対応が―・い」「―・くない傾向」
If you don't behave, Santa Claus won't come.
If you can't finish by today, tomorrow is fine too.

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