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Fun Lessons for Learning Japanese

Learn Japanese with fun videos from Easy Peasy Japanesey NEW

Learn Japanese by analysing famous quotes from anime, games and 5channel. This is a great channel for both beginners and advanced learners. Easy Peasy Japanesey will teach you both basic and advanced grammar and vocabulary, help you improve your listening skills as well as teach you some of the nuances of the Japanese language that you won't find in any textbook, all in an easy and fun way!

The Japanese alphabets, the Kana

The first step in learning the Japanese language is to learn the character sets that are used. The two phonetic character sets that you need to learn first are the hiragana and the katakana. Both these character sets describe how a word sounds, so they are used in the same way that we use the Roman letters in the English alphabet. Note, in general the hiragana is used to describe words of Japanese origin, while the katakana is used to describe words of foreign origin.

Kanji, symbolic characters of Chinese origin

Once you have learned the hiragana and katakana you should start learning the kanji. Most kanji can be pronounced in several different ways, and they can be used to convey either meaning or sound. This means that when reading a word written in kanji, it may not be possible to know how to pronounce the word without prior knowledge of how the word sounds. There are around 1,945 kanji in the Japanese government's list of recommended characters (the Jouyou Kanji), though around 3,000 kanji are in common use in newspapers. Learning to read and write kanji should be an ongoing task while you learn the Japanese language.

Master the vocabulary with these fun lessons

The key to learning a new language is to learn the vocabulary that you need to communicate in everyday situations. As you progress through your studies, keep increasing your word knowledge and keep practising until you can instantly recognise and use the vocabulary you have learnt.