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Welcome to 楽しい Japanese

Welcome! 楽しい Japanese is a site dedicated to making learning the Japanese language a fun and enjoyable experience for you. You will find here a Japanese to English dictionary, various fun games, interactive lessons, cultural resources and a friendly community which will help you to read, write and speak Japanese, and allow you to share your passion about the Japanese culture. So, whether you are just beginning your journey learning about this beautiful culture and its language, are wanting to understand the latest anime and jdrama without the need for subtitles, or are looking to improve your fluency in preparation for working or living in Japan, there are a number of helpful tools and resources here that you may use.

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Select Kanji

Practice your writing skills by selecting the correct kanji to complete the Japanese word in this fun Japanese learning game.

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Learn Japanese with Anime - It Was Far Too Big To Be Called A Sword

In this video we’re going to analyse the narrator’s quote from Berserk.

Learn Japanese with Anime - But I Refuse

In this video we’re going to analyse Rohan Kishibe’s quote from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken).

Learn Japanese with Anime - I Feel Like A Smoke

In this video we’re going to analyse Bunta’s quote from Initial D (anime scene edited).

Featured Tip

Using the Mini-Dictionary

Highlight any Japanese word in this site, and the mini dictionary will pop up and show you the meaning and pronunciation, with a shortcut to the dictionary entry. Now isn't that a convenient feature?!

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Let's go on a journey and experience the wonders of flight

Posted by Yog-Sothoth about 3 weeks ago

While travelling with planes is already fun, security checks on airports are the cherry on top that makes the whole experience something really special.

Choco Ramen Sundae?!! You're Crazy!!!

Posted by flint about 4 weeks ago

Chocolate Ramen Sundae?? Surely not. Just the thought of it is preposterous. Surely it will be disgusting ... or will it?

Our Ramen Journey Begins!

Posted by flint about 1 month ago

Welcome fellow traveler, as we begin our journey together. Along the way we may learn a bit of Japanese, create some culinary delights, visit the local restaurants, and of course, eat bowl after bowl of delicious ramen.

Please enjoy your visit, we hope this site can be of great benefit to you in your studies!

Happy Learning!