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Write a thank-you note when someone goes out of his or her way to help you.
Tell me the meaning of life.
Even if it's just for a short while fighting alongside us is all I could ask for.
My hair's messed up this morning. At least lend me a hand mirror - it should be shut in the drawer there.
This is about the case of the "seven mysteries". Did you investigate it?
The lunch she brought to me was as delicious as rumoured.
The lunch she brought to me was as delicious as I'd heard people say it would be.
Ichiro sounded somehow upset but my long years of hanging out with him told me that it was out and out fake.
So, well, it's a bitter decision for the student council to make as well. Give 'em a break.
N-no it's not that ... it's that there could be someone who would need me for what I am, for my true self, I hadn't even thought of that possibility.
Whoops! There aren't many live coals left! Go make some kindling would you?
Hey, there's no time left till the deadline, you know? Stop hanging around in a daze!
A brewery we finance has made a new sweet sake and brought some to us asking us to try it.
No, Yumi put it in a thermos flask and brought it into the club room.
I had expected an outright refusal, but to my surprise she agreed.
"Yes, the bisque-doll-like Erika" "Th-that expression is a little embarrassing, could you stop using it?"
Would you please let go of my arm?
Please let go of my arm.
Let go of my arm.
Don't be a backseat driver.

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