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Dark Mode?

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Dark Mode?

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21 Dec, 2023
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First of all I want to say I really enjoy and appreciate this website, the amount of learning material is more than I could ask for.This site is practically perfect for me as a beginner. I just wanted to point out one thing, as far as I am aware this site does not have dark mode.

This is a shame because I am sure a good amount of us could benifit from looking at a darker screen when studying for long periods of time. Anyways this is just a suggestion, I will continue to use this site and quietly pray for dark mode as my vision deteriorates (lol jk....kinda).

#1 Posted by dabidu about 4 months ago
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16 May, 2024
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I had the same thought and I'm using Firefox with "Dark Reader" addon now.
I changed the settings under the tab "More" to "Dynamic" and it's ok for me - although I agree that a genuine dark color scheme would be a great feature for the site.


#2 Posted by Bubusan about 3 weeks ago

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