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What are your favourite videogames?, Page 3

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What are your favourite videogames?

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28 Jun, 2018
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1. Red Dead Redemption

2. Assassin's Creed (especially Black Flag 4)

3. Heavy Rain

4. The rise of Tomb Raider

5. God of War

#21 Posted by SamBeg over 5 years ago
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13 Sep, 2018
United States
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Since I'm a huge rager I stick to visual novels 'games' and JRPG.

The letter

Flower: the tale of girls who grow with the season

Sono Hanabira

Persona series

Danganronpa series




#22 Posted by puffy over 5 years ago
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24 Mar, 2019
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My favourite game is Minecraft and I like to play this game.



#23 Posted by devich415520 over 4 years ago
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26 Aug, 2020
South Africa
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As an update, there are a lot of games that I can actually say but I think I might have to share my favourite game now. Hmm, the first game that came to my mind is the different names under the monster hunter franchise. The one i am currently playing is the monster hunter:world. it is really good and very entertaining. I love being a hunter. I think that the adventures are thrilling. What I love most is the way I can make my weapons and armour so that I can use what I think is best for me in my battles. I usually go here for reference and guides

Aurea Granado Olivas

#24 Posted by AureaRea over 3 years ago
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10 Aug, 2020
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I have a lot of favourite games of my own. I like games like Monster Hunter and some other action RPGs. However, my fave game has to be in the JRPG genre which includes games like the Trails in the Sky series, the Crossbell games and the Trails of Cold Steel games. I know that Falcom is not a big-time developer studio but the way they map out their stories are amazing and I am not surprised that it has a niche fanbase but it’s an awesome series of games that weaves stories seamlessly throughout the years of these games.

31 years old from USA. New when it comes to Japanese Culture.

#25 Posted by Marlon Johansson over 3 years ago
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27 Aug, 2021
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Hyper Light Drifter. I've never played anything like it, the art amazing (technumus), the gameplay is difficult but rewarding, and the story is told in pictures.

#26 Posted by davidmiller7785 over 2 years ago
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8 Oct, 2022
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ゼルダの伝説ムジュラの仮面って最も大好きなビデオゲームんだ 非常に楽しくてやってみたほうがいいよ 絶対気に入るよ:)))


(注意 ムジュラの仮面はちょっと怖いゲームで若い者を脅かしちゃうだろうよ)

#27 Posted by Ashworth2008 over 1 year ago
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4 Apr, 2023
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My all time favorite games are DOTA and Overwatch. I played them many thousands of hours and made progress in my skills.

I also watch e-sports tournaments with high skilled DOTA clans.

I gained my knowledge about Japanese e-sports betting from

#28 Posted by Acesking over 1 year ago
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10 Apr, 2023
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Legend of Heroes series. Always try to get more people into this game series and is also the reason why I'm learning Japanese. 

Dark/Demon's Souls. 



Ace Combat

I very much like action games I suppose with Trails being an outlier. 

#29 Posted by EmbersOne over 1 year ago
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21 Jul, 2012
Sydney, Australia
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^ I've recently gotten into the Legend of Heroes series too.  Finished the Trails in the Sky series, and now onto Trails from Zero.

It's good that so many games are retaining the Japanese voice acting when they are brought across now.

#30 Posted by flint over 1 year ago

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