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Figure Skating Stores in Tokyo

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Figure Skating Stores in Tokyo

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17 Feb, 2018
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Hello everybody,      

We are visiting Tokyo in 2 weeks, and I would like to get a pair of Ice Skating shoes for my kids. Where can we get a wide selection and good bargain in Tokyo? Any figure skating stores around?



#1 Posted by robin2526 over 3 years ago
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22 Feb, 2018
(Australia / perth)
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go to shanhi it has 2 skat shops there if you want ice skats

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#2 Posted by xavia over 3 years ago
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26 Aug, 2020
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Well that is a good start if you want them to learn that sport. It is worth noting that figure skating is hard to learn for most people but if you are going to start at them while they are young then it is already safe to say that we can really do a great job of teaching them while they are young. That is when they are at their peak learning stage and can manage to work out better on the skating part since that they don’t have much problem compared to most adults who try it out later.

Utagawa Aki

#3 Posted by UtagawaAki about 5 months ago

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