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hiragana/katakana learning games

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hiragana/katakana learning games

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1 Mar, 2018
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We all know learning can be tedious and boring.

Post your games that help learning basic japanese alphabet

(free) games if possible

personaly i found

it is a typing game. require you to type fast . very simple game , i enjoy how you can select which hiragana / katagana will appear and it also has a proficiency level . the more u get it right the more points you get toward that specific letter until mastered level.



#1 Posted by ruberu over 1 year ago
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13 Jun, 2018
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Well, I think this site provides excellent games for that combine these games with your own approach and you should be set in no time. 

I did it by starting with hiragana, write each hiragana letter on paper with the romaji under it, try to memorize it by just repeatedly writing it down once or more each day. Don't try to force yourself to remember each letter, forcing memory doesn't work, but repetition does it just takes a while.
Once you got hiragana more or less down, make a paper with katakana but now write the hiragana equivalent under each letter, not romaji, and repeat that once or more each day. This way you train yourself in both.

Combine that with the games you can find under practice on this site and you'll know the japanese alphabet without stressing yourself in a short time =)

Individualism is overrated.

#2 Posted by Yog-Sothoth about 10 months ago
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28 Jan, 2019
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How to not learn much but still remember Japanese vocabulary? I have tried many ways but not really effective for me. I recently found a way to learn vocabulary through games. It's really worth a try!!!


- No registration, no complicated rules. Just play and have fun!

- Brand storming help me longer remember

- I can switch flexibly between 2 play modes: Kana and Kanji

- Dictionary is displayed right on play screen, helping me look up words easily

Link download in here:



#3 Posted by HuyenMilkyway about 5 months ago

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